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We will undertake all routine and emergency tree maintenance, either on a contract or pay as you go basis. Let us make sure your premises are safe, tidy and accessible

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We will advise you on any necessary work, help you obtain any permissions and leave your site clean and tidy. We carefully consider the aesthetics of our work so that you can get the best from your trees

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With some of the extreme weather we're increasingly experiencing, you can rely on us to respond as quickly as possible to minimise risk to people and property and keep roads and paths clear

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We are proud to be Arboricultural Association accredited contractors
Tree Surgeon Acccrediations

We are a team of professional, qualified and experienced tree surgeons working to the highest industry standards. Although we are based in Northamptonshire, we cover a 200mile wide radius from our base covering the areas around Bedford, Buckingham, Milton Keynes, Kettering and throughout the Midlands. We undertake commercial work for Local Authorities, Golf Courses, Housing and Commercial Property developers, Schools and Colleges, Industrial premises, Landscapers, Architects and private estates. Our domestic work includes tree, hedge and fencing work in gardens across the county. All our work is done after full consultation with the customer and with aesthetics, wild life, the environment and the health of the trees in mind. We naturally have full insurance, aim to recycle all the green waste and don't like disturbing birds in their nests.

Lead by George Moore, we all work hard and take pride in doing a great job. We like to do the work exactly as the customer wants it, leave the place cleaner than we found it, we like a good cup of tea (some of us even like the odd cup of Earl Grey!), we use the right tools for the job.

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George Moore
Senior Tree Surgeon

The driving force behind the business

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Senior Tree Surgeon

A reliably good worker, very efficient, always remains cool, calm and collected!

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Senior Tree Surgeon

A farmer at heart, but enthusiastic about trees!

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Senior Tree Surgeon

Ask him about Antigua - We're trying to keep him here, though


What our clients say!


Professional Corporate Services

GCK Commercial

We have lots of experience working with corporate customers and you all have different requirements - very often it is not just about being able to do the job, but more about fitting in with other service providers, how we send the invoice in, working to your budgets, how we get our purchase orders - you know the sort of thing! Kate and Amy in the office try to get that bit right, while the chaps are on site doing the work.

We regularly work for Local Authorities, Construction companies, landscape gardeners, Facilities managers both on regular contracts and on a job by job basis. We fell trees, grind stumps, clear sites ready for construction, weed car parks, clear power poles, trim hedges, crown raise trees in your car parks, pollard trees that have grown too big and shred green waste, for one site or for multi site companies. We are also contracted to undertake Emergency call out work. Of course we provide Risk Assessments, COSHH details, undertake Health and Safety checks, have insurance and work to industry best practice. But you would expect that of us.

We like to do the job with the right tools, so we have chippers and chain saws, tractors and loaders, cherry pickers and trailers, shredders and rakes - just take a look at our gallery to see some of them in action!


Professional Domestic Services

GCK Private

If you know what you need, just give us a call or an email and we will come and do a site visit. We will discuss with you what you want to achieve and how best to do this. We will then give you a written quotation with our terms and conditions so you will know exactly what to expect. Naturally we give free quotations - have you ever paid for a quotation.! We can also give you free advice on hazardous trees and local authority Tree Preservation Orders (TPO), Conservation Areas Consents, Planning Conditions and neighbouring tree issues.

If you agree the quotation we will arrange a date to do the work. This can cover work on trees like Crown Reduction, Crown clean, Crown thin, Crown lift, pollarding , felling, dismantling, stump grinding or removal, hedge trimming or reducing and fencing. We will take away all your unwanted green waste and leave you with anything you have requested.

When we get back to our yard, we off load the green waste and shred it ready to send off to the nearest Power station for energy production, the timber is further processed for use as firewood or chipped for mulch. We aim for 100% recycling of all green waste.

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Why not call us at the office now on 01933 667575 or George on his mobile 07525 149836 - but he may be up a tree!

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Tel: 01933 667575
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